Yard Barker Review: The Groove Caddy will wipe your clubs totally clean

It’s the Holiday season as we near Christmas and it’s cold in most places, too cold to hit the golf course. However, are your clubs still dirty from the last time you did play? You probably were shanking your clubs around in the dirt missing your balls and hitting nothing but ground. Or, if you were making contact with the ball, you probably took one of those huge divots the pros tend to do on approach shots.

You know you get little pieces of dirt trapped in your club faces? Sure, you could use a wet towel like most players do but does it really clean your clubs good enough to where they perform their best? Probably not.

Well, the Groove Caddy could change this. The Groove Caddy is the 2014 “Best New Product” from the PGA Merchandise Show and it is a beautiful thing to have in your bag. It wipes your clubs off clean and does it relatively quick.


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